4 Damage-Free Ways to Add a Personal Touch to a Rental

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No matter how much you love your place once you move in, chances are, you will want to change it at some point, either to update it or to make it better reflect your personality. If it’s a rental, things are a bit trickier as you may not have permission to make extensive changes

Before you start doing anything, read your lease thoroughly. If anything is unclear, ask your landlord for clarification. Even if the lease allows you to make the changes you want, you still might want to consult your landlord, just to avoid unnecessary headaches in the future.

Now, there are no hard and fast rules, and most things concerning a rental need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Hopefully, this article will give you some ideas on how to fall in love with your home again.

Play with colors

This is probably the first thing that popped into your mind, and for a good reason. Unfortunately, even though there’s no lasting damage (the walls can always be painted back), most landlords don’t want to allow their tenants to simply repaint their units whenever they feel like it. 

Now, if you are allowed to paint the walls, you can go wild! You’re free to either freshen up the walls or make a statement that will go with your furniture. Of course, be ready to paint the walls back into their original color once it’s time to leave.

If your lease agreement prohibits you from painting the walls, you can always turn to peelable wallpaper. It’s exactly what it says on the tin – a wallpaper that you can peel off once you don’t need it anymore. Find a design that suits the changing décor, and you’re done. When it’s time to leave, or just when you get tired of it, you can simply peel it off, and the walls will be as good as new.

Tinker with the furniture

Again, how far you can go depends on your lease agreement, but as long as you’re just rearranging things or adding new pieces, you should be fine. You can easily create a feeling of spaciousness by decluttering the property and removing any obstructions to natural light. Another way to make the place look more open and airy is to add some mirrors, as that creates the illusion of space.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a “creative mess” type of person or just like cozy spaces, see about changing some furniture pieces or adding new ones. A nice rocking chair or a refreshed seating area might be just what your home needs for that extra comfortable and welcoming vibe. If you have a large library and you’ve had to stuff extra books under the bed, maybe adding some shelves will both make the place look nicer and give that much-needed personal flair to your place.

Make the floor more pleasant

There’s probably not much you can do about the floor itself. If it’s damaged, it’s your landlord’s job to fix it. However, you can make it look nice by introducing some new floor coverings. Consider the layout of the place and browse popular catalogs such as the trendy Miss Amara rug collection. You can even get free advice on which rugs would fit your apartment best from interior-design professionals or other stores offering similar services.

Adding a rug to “tie the room together” is probably the simplest way to make the space look different and more stylish. Just go with something that fits the existing décor.

Change the lighting

Lighting is an important yet often overlooked aspect of a rental. If you don’t like it, there’s not much you can do with existing fixtures, as most landlords won’t want to go through the effort of changing it. 

Fortunately, there are still some changes you can make. By far the simplest thing you can do is replacing lightbulbs with something that suits you better. Additionally, you can transform an old chandelier by adding a custom drum or can easily change shades that cover a recessed light. Free-standing accent and task lighting are also excellent ideas, and you can even improve natural lighting by changing curtains or introducing removable blinds.

Final words

You can’t really fully remodel a rental. Most landlords look askance at any damage you do (or might do) to the space and would rather veto any changes rather than face the possibility of having to repair it. Still, there are some small ways in which you can make the place reflect you without causing any damage, and we hope these tips help make your living space more cozy and relaxing.

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