5 Landscape Projects for Maximum ROI

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Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to get the most out of your investment, there are a few landscape projects that bring more value to your property than others. Not all upgrades are made equal, and while pinning down an exact number is difficult, real estate experts agree that smart landscape decisions can have an ROI from 200-400%, depending on the project. Apart from increasing your home’s curb appeal, these landscape projects and practices bring reward that is bigger than money and time invested.

Replant or repair the lawns

A lawn with dead spots and patches of weeds isn’t only an eyesore but can turn away potential buyers. People tend to judge the owner and the property by the things they can see, and in this case, the unkempt lawn might make them think that the entire house lacks care and maintenance. On the other hand, even if you’re not selling, repairing a lawn doesn’t take much effort, and the result is rewarding. First, rake the lawn to remove dead matter such as leaves, twigs, and dry tufts of grass. Now you can see better which areas need reseeding. Apply fertilizer and consider treating the lawn against insects. If you don’t what to use aggressive pesticides, consider products containing beneficial nematodes. These microscopic roundworms are deadly for over 200 pest insect species, and yet harmless for the vegetation, pets, and birds. Another approach that requires little maintenance is to replace your lawn grass with a native variety that is more resistant to drought and pests.

Add color

Another way to improve your home’s curb appeal is to introduce more colors with eye-catching plants. For a small investment, you can add a variety of colorful annuals and perennials. Compared to flowering trees and shrubs, perennials are much less expensive, so consider adding a few container gardens near your front entrance, around the patio, water-feature, or any other area you want to draw attention. If you live in an area that is prone to droughts, instead of installing a centralized drip irrigation system, consider choosing native flowering plants, as they tend to take care of themselves.

Re-pave a crumbling driveway

Replacing an old concrete driveway with slip-resistant cobblestones is another way to add curb appeal to your property that is worth more than the time and money invested. With their Old World-inspired looks, outstanding durability, and a ton of class, cobblestone pavers are a great choice for other garden paths on your property. Choose granite, basalt, or bluestone for the driveway, as their durability can support the vehicle weight, while their dark color and textured finish are ideal for masking stains, tire marks, and oil leaks. Due to their small size, they are a fantastic choice for curved driveway designs, as well as for steep or sloped areas. Homebuyers and their hired advisors often look to lower the asking price on the account of a cracked or crumbling driveway. With natural stone pavers, you’re holding the stronger cards.

Manage the trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs require maintenance, but homeowners often neglect this aspect of landscaping. If allowed to grow out, trees and shrubs not only look unshapely, but can crowd walkways and driveways, cover windows, block views, or even tangle with the electric lines, causing a safety hazard. Even if you hire a landscaping company to prune your trees, the price you’ll pay is small when compared to the aesthetics of your garden’s premier plants. In cases when not even trimming and pruning can’t help, you shouldn’t hesitate to take those plants out and replace them with new varieties. You won’t only bring a welcoming change to your landscape, but also have a fresh start with younger plants that you can trim and shape more easily. 

Increase outdoor liveability

Finally, an important aspect of a home’s appeal and value are the lifestyle opportunities that it offers. The main idea of buying a home instead of an apartment is to have an outdoor space to relax, soak up the sun, and entertain with friends and family. Well-planned landscape designs can create fantastic outdoor lifestyle options. Whether it’s a fire pit to sit around and chat, a DIY brick grill and pizza oven combo, or an entire Mediterranean-style outdoor kitchen with a lounge area for evening dinner parties, a lifestyle addition to your landscape will give you an immense return on your investment, whether you’re selling a home or want to make the most of your backyard. The feasibility of some additions, however,  depends on the location. In some neighborhoods, a swimming pool can add very little value and could even detract from your home’s value, while in upmarket communities, a pool is often considered a must-have feature.    

Well-thought-out landscaping improvements can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal and functional value of your property. If you plan to enjoy your garden for a long time, and especially if you’re looking for an opportunity to sell, consult a real estate agent and landscaping professional before making any permanent change to your outdoor area.

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