6 Interior Decor Essentials Every New Home Should Have

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Moving into a new or freshly-renovated home is usually a real treat. One of the reasons is that, by the time you move in, most of the rough work will already be finished, which means that it will be the perfect time to get down to some interior essentials. People usually can’t wait to get to this stage because all of us want to end up with a place that truly feels like home.

However, before you do that, you’ll really need to reassess the place while it’s empty and try to see its full potential. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of interesting essentials and tips to keep in mind when moving into your new place. Check them out.

First – you must paint your interior

To set the tone of all of your future decorating efforts, you must first decide on the color of your space. No matter if we’re talking about a single room or the entire house you should decide on your preferred color scheme. If you’re painting your entire home, you can create a sense of cohesion and choose to paint each room in a similar shade. On the other hand, you can also choose to paint each room differently. The most important thing here is to go with a huge that will provide a stylish yet neutral base for another décor that will come later. Also, choose paint finish based on the area of your home because not every finish will work in every area.

Decide on the furniture

The next thing you’ll need to think about is furniture. Chances are you’ve previously owned some pieces of furniture you decided to hold onto. However, it may happen that those pieces simply won’t work in your new space. So, if that’s the case, see if you can repurpose, restore or reupholster some of your old furniture to fit into your new interior or even backyard or patio outside. If not, you can always choose to sell or donate your old furniture and invest in some new pieces. When choosing new pieces, make sure they’re of high quality to ensure that they will last you for a long time.

Consider flooring solutions

Furthermore, you will also have to think about your new floors. If you’ve renovated the home or moved into a brand new one, it’s most likely that the floors are in excellent condition. So, what you should really think about is whether you want to leave them exposed or not. The wall-to-wall carpet trend was never really in style, so this might not be the best idea. What you should do instead is invest in some stunning area rugs, that will enable you to create “a room within a room”, which is a very popular trend in interior design. When selecting a rug, make sure you pay attention to the material it’s made of, thread count and its overall durability.

Play around with interior lighting

The lighting plays a huge role in interior design. By strategically placing different lighting solutions throughout your space, you can easily manipulate its final outlook. There are three basic layers of light you can create in a room and they are 1) the overhead lighting (or general lighting), 2) task lighting and 3) accent lighting. The first is used to provide the space with the right amount of general lighting that’s not too overpowering. The second is used to provide opulent lighting necessary for performing a task – for instance, reading, knitting… The third and final layer is used to illuminate a specific aspect of your interior design and draw more attention to it. When choosing light bulbs for your fixtures, make sure you select energy-efficient bulbs.

Choose the right window treatments

Furthermore, you need to be careful when selecting your window treatments. This is usually a part of the interior design people pay the least attention to, but it has the power to entirely make or break the final result. If, let’s say, your room features a modern style, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with some vintage-looking curtains. What you should go with instead are sleek and elegant Roman blinds in a neutral shade. These will blend seamlessly into space while still offering enough protection against too much natural light – when necessary. In order for your curtains to look seamless, proper window installation is needed. Getting advice from a professional glazier, will ensure that your windows will always look amazing no matter what window treatments you choose.

Bring in some greenery

The final essential that will make your house truly feel like home is greenery. This piece of nature will truly make your home feel cozier and more inviting. Not only that, but it has been proven that houseplants truly do have a positive effect on our overall health and mental well-being. So, for a final touch, add some lush greenery to your interior and turn your home into your personal oasis. 

Getting the chance to fully renovate your home or even move into a new one is simply amazing. The fact is that most of us usually wouldn’t choose to change something about their living space unless they get the chance to completely redo the entire thing. So, if you’re lucky enough to be at this stage of your life, think about the design you want to go for and let your inner creativity shine.

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