6 Key Tips to Consider When Building a Brand New House

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Building a new home is a big step in your life. It is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make. That is why you should make sure that everything is planned and done properly. Keeping that in mind, we have to point out that there is more to building a home than just deciding on how many rooms there will be. A functional house that will serve you for decades to come requires much more comprehensive consideration. Take a look then at these six tips that will make sure you will leave nothing to case.

Think about the position of the house

Before the construction starts, you should think about the position of your new house. First of all, it is necessary to take into account your future plans and consider further extensions you might want to make some day. Is there enough space for this if you turn your house to the right? Or there is more space if you turn it to the left? Have things like this in mind when designing the house plan. Also if you are thinking about using solar energy, make sure you position the house in such a way that it can take advantage of natural light.

Have some backup cash

Building a house is a huge investment in itself. What we often fail to remember is that, on top of that, we will inevitably face some additional charges. Let’s take Australia as an example of a developed country. Whether due to on-the-go changes, broken deadlines or permission costs, an average Australian spends around a few thousand dollars more on the house than they have planned. So, take these small expenses into account, make them a part of your financial plan and make sure that you always have at least 5% of your total budget reserved for things that may yet surprise you.

Think about buying a house and land

One of the simplest ways to make some room in your budget and potentially invest this money into features that will make your home more functional and comfortable is to use bundled services. If we once again take Australia as an example, we can find respectable new home builders from Brisbane that are offering house and land packages that are usually more affordable than buying a lot and building a house separately. Another benefit of this arrangement is that you are from the get-go addressing the matter of decoration and landscaping. Finally, involving fewer parties into the house planning process will make paperwork, negotiations and scheduling far simpler.

Do not forget about insulation

Insulation is a major part of building a new home. If you don’t make sure the house is insulated properly, hot and cool air will constantly escape the object. If this happens, more energy will be required in order to keep the house warm or cool. If you, on the other hand, insulate your home well, you will actually reduce the costs of your energy bills as well as do something good for the environment in the long run. According to recent research published by the EPA, the savings you are going to make on heating and cooling can go all the way up to 15%.

Think about lighting

Another great way to reduce your energy costs is to use as much natural light as you can. Having huge windows instead of lamps all over the place will not only look good but help you participate in saving the environment once again. But, that’s not all – if you want to save some more money, you can install LED lights instead of the standard light bulbs. This will not only reduce the cost of your energy bills, but create a far more pleasant ambience than incandescent bulbs and allow you to play with layered lighting options.

Spend time on the construction site

Even if you hire the best professional residential builders in the world, construction sites are synonymous with small problems and on-the-go decisions. It is in your best interest to be present there and have the final say in all these considerations. The position of outlets, wiring and plumbing layouts, fixtures around the house… All these small things can be made more functional with your input. Besides, keeping yourself in the center of works will make communication on the site and between different contractors far more streamlined.

Have all of these things in mind when building a new home and the whole process will go without any troubles. Sit down and put everything on paper before the construction starts. Only like this will you make sure that everything is planned properly and nothing will go wrong.


  1. Shane Lincoln says

    Are double glazed windows and doors mandatory in Tasmania for new builds.

    • admin@everythingbuilding says

      Hi Shane,
      Not if your building meets the minimum energy efficiency requirements and levels of insulation through other means.

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