Boost the Value of Your Home with These Smart Energy Saving Tips

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If you are planning to put your home on sale soon, there are some things you need to know, especially if this is your first time doing it or if you haven’t done it in a while. For starters, your buyers are most probably going to be Millennials because this generation is currently the one taking over the business world, getting steady jobs, and raising a family. 

Another useful piece of information is that they deeply care for the environment, which means that you will have to make some energy-efficient changes during renovations to make your house more attractive. And lastly, they are ready to pay if they are getting their money’s worth. With that in mind, here are a few effective tips to save energy and increase your house’s value in the buyer’s eyes.

Start with the floors

A family greeting Christmas huddled around the Christmas tree, barefoot and smiling in their living room: is there an image that is a more universal synonym for a happy family and a cozy family home? Your prospective buyers might want to experience such warm family evenings one day in their new living room but will they be able to be barefoot?

When it comes to flooring, with the right choice of material and a quality rug, you can do wonders for the electricity bill because the chill starts with feet. If the surface they move around is not cold, they wouldn’t have the need to crank up the heating. Sustainable yet affordable materials such as bamboo are an excellent choice in this regard, while the rug should be warm but not difficult to clean.

Monitoring energy consumption

You can be more careful about how much energy you consume by taking note of what you used and the bill for several months but there are simpler and more precise ways to monitor it. The energy monitor is rising in popularity not only in cities with harsh winters but with scorching summers too, such as Sydney. 

This device will allow you to take control over your expenditure and bill without having to first observe it for months which is something the buyers will greatly appreciate as well. It is advisable for it to be placed somewhere all family members can see it and it is best to have it set up by an experienced electrician from Inner West or another part of Sydney you live in, just to make sure everything is placed safely and expertly.

Consider changing doors and windows

Although changing all old wooden windows and doors in your home might sound like a financially unwise decision, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Just put your hand close to the window frame when it’s chilly outside and you will soon learn why it is necessary and you can bet that the old worn windows will prompt the potential buyers to start thinking about the heating expenses. 

The buyers will be thrilled that you changed them recently which means they don’t need to think about that for a long time, while you will be able to cover the expenses by a rise in the price you originally intended to sell the house for. This is a win-win situation and a prudent investment on your part which will have a direct effect on the property’s price. 

Choosing the right exterior colours

The colours with which you painted the exterior of your house play an important role in your electricity bill. Even though that might surprise you but dark colours absorb more solar energy than lighter ones so you can see the connection between colours and being energy-efficient. Choosing the right professional painter is a particularly important step for this task, as a professional can also advise you on which type of color is the right one for your home. So, if you live in Sydney, you would better go with light-coloured external walls, while those residing in Oslo may want to paint their home’s external walls in darker colours. 

Naturally, this is the perfect opportunity to work on the house’s curb appeal and choose shades which will make the exterior look classy and not bright yellow or moss green which might drive away your buyers either because they don’t think that such a house can have a decent interior or because they want to avoid the hassle of repainting it as soon as they move in. 

Wrapping up

By applying these tips, you will transform your home into an attractive piece of property – the buyers will get their perfect energy-efficient house, while you will profit from the sale.

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