How to Plan and Execute a Successful House Extension Project

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Creating a good house extension takes courage, patience and plenty of careful planning, preparation and help from professionals. Make sure not to rush in—after all, you’re making a big change to your living space and creating additional space that will need to fit in with your existing aesthetics and purpose. If you ever renovated a room or remodeled your entire house, you know that any house project greatly depends on your ability to design, plan, finance and convey your wishes to experts. So, if you don’t want to risk anything, here’s a little guide that will help you conduct a successful house extension project. 

Be thorough with the design stage

Don’t do anything unless you’re 100% sure your design stage is completed. You might be in a rush to finish your project and get more living space, but you’ll just put everything to risk unless you take your time. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, you can always rely on reliable choices like shipping containers that will help you solve your problems in fast, efficient and eco – friendly ways. Work closely with designers and make sure to brush up on every aspect and little detail. Everything should be carefully planned for and thought out before you grab a hammer and start taking down any walls. 

Get all the permits

If you’re remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, you don’t need any permits, but home extensions are a little different since they concern more people than just your family. The look of your extension will affect your neighbors, so you need to contact some regulatory bodies in your area to seek permission for your project. In case you forget to get permits and refuse to notify your neighbors of your activities, you might need to tear down your extension and start all over. 

Choose the right professionals 

The right professionals will be key to your successful house extension project. If you want to have a seamless extension that’s practical and beautiful, you’ll need to hire pros to handle your project. In first-world countries like Australia, you can find all sorts of experienced and cost-effective professionals from demolition experts to builders. A serious extension will also require a complete overhaul of electrical installations, so make sure to find an available electrician in Sydney to handle your project. Electricity should be handled by professionals only, so don’t hesitate to have a good company on speed-dial. 

Additionally, don’t commit to anything until you sign some agreements. Your word might be your bond, but not everyone thinks the same. So, don’t risk losing money because you up on an agreement has been made when it wasn’t really. 

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Create your budget

Building an extension can literally drain your wallet, so you need a sound financial plan if you want to have a successful project with a good ROI. If you need a construction loan, get it approved as quickly as you can in order to reduce your construction time and obtain low-interest loans. Make sure your credit score is tidy and you’ll certainly get a good loan with minimal interests and collateral. 

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Get cost-effective supplies 

You’ll need all sorts of materials and supplies for your project, so get ready to shop around. For instance, if you live in Sydney, try to find a supplier that’s located somewhere in the suburbs or in the outback. Usually, these will have lower prices since they don’t have to pay for expensive Sydney premises. You can also try to avoid mentioning that your project is based in Sydney CBD, at least at the beginning. Some suppliers will try to raise their quotes when they find out their products and services are needed in the more expensive part of Australia. 

Grab a hotel room

If you want to have a successful house extension project, you can’t risk your sanity or put your family in danger. So, make sure to ensure you have a place to stay while your contractors work. All the noise and dust can be disturbing to your day and even affect your health, so consider moving away until certain phases of your project are over. You can book a hotel room if you only need to stay away for a few days or return to the world of renting for a few months. 

Building an extension to your home means breathing a new life into your property and creating a more functional space for you and your family. In order to avoid common pitfalls, make sure to memorize these tips and you’ll organize a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing project.


  1. Thanks for mentioning finding a supplier that offers cost-effective supplies for the home extension. My wife and I are wanting to extend our patio and deck this summer and we are worried about the type of supplies to use. Since we can’t make up our mind, we’ll have to get in contact with a professional company that can help us expedite this process of extending our home.

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