Expert Advice: Rental Decorating Hacks for Military Families

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For many military families, the biggest con of this lifestyle is the temporary living situation. There’s no way to know how long you can stay in one spot, no matter if you’re renting an apartment in town or living in a base house. So how can you get comfortable in your home? Well, one way to create a homely atmosphere is to decorate your accommodation. Here are some practical tips that will help you create a trendy and chic vibe in your rented home. 

Change your window treatment

There’s a big chance that your apartment has those ugly plastic vertical blinds that do nothing for your space. What you can do to add some character to your space is replacing them with some cute venetians, cordless blinds or curtains. Just make sure to keep all the blinds so you can reinstall them when you leave! If you really want to go with shutters, you can ask your agent and consult with your landlord. If you come to an agreement, you might get the chance to split the costs of installing shutters. 

Go crazy on walls

Sure, you’re probably not allowed to paint your entire apartment pink or opt for a floor-to-ceiling mural, but there are things you can do. For instance, there are practical peel-and-stick vinyl stickers that are super popular (can be found in interior design stores or online). They come in basically all colors and designs imaginable and are pretty cheap. When you’re about to move, just peel them off and voila! Another thing you can do is choose removable wallpaper. These are great for creating accent walls, plus they require no glue, no water and no professional help! 

Boost the lighting

Those outdated boob lights do nothing for your space, but you can’t just go and replace them. One thing you can do, however, is investing in some freestanding lamps and table lamps to create a more homely feel and fill the space with character and better illumination. If there are existing lights in your space, think about replacing the shades with something more modern. Keep the old shades and fixtures, since you might be required to restore the property to its original state. 

Freshen up the floors

Most rentals have very worn-out flooring landlords are never willing to fix. In that case, you can take matters into your own hands and cover signs of wear and tear with a stylish rug. Different carpets and area rugs will add softness, color and aesthetic appeal to your space. For some additional texture, you can even layer two or three rugs—that’s a very popular look. If you don’t want to invest in rugs, you can always rent a rug or some other furniture and enjoy it during your stay. 

Come up with practical firearm storage

Most rentals don’t come with firearm safes, so you’ll definitely have to install one yourself. Most military parents know this, but guns should never be left somewhere where kids can reach them. Luckily, getting a quality gun cabinet is an easy task, especially if you check out some reliable reviews. A good gun safe can be easily transported and accessed whenever you need your weapons, but you’ll get to sleep soundly knowing your kids won’t stumble upon these dangerous items. 

Add a mirror

This is an especially good choice for all small spaces since mirrors reflect light and make any room feel bigger. However, most mirrors require drilling in order to be mounted on the wall, which can be a problem for people who rent. In that case, you can opt for a large freestanding mirror that can be elegantly placed against the wall. Add some adhesive pads to the back of the frame and you won’t leave any marks on the wall. 

Divide the space

Dividing the space can be a great way to improve the usability of your rental. Of course, adding permanent walls is out of the question, but you can always opt for curtains, folding screens, blinds or fabric to create separate rooms. You can even move a bookcase or cabinets to split the space and give it more movement and better flow. 

Add some greenery

If you want to add instant lift to your rental, grab a few potted plants. Placing these in your kitchen and living room will bring so much life to space! Also, they will help you filter the air and remove toxins and even odors from your living environment. If you’re not exactly a “plant person”, there are always low-maintenance plants that require minimal care yet give so much in return. Snake plants, Aloe Vera, Jade, Pothos and Rubber plants are basically impossible to kill even if you have an extremely black thumb. 

Now you can relax knowing you can easily turn your soulless rental into a place that feels truly like home. One day, your military career will allow you to stop moving, but until then, you can enjoy every rental like it’s yours forever home!

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