Building Surveyors

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Although listed as consultants building surveyors hold a very important role as a statutory authority within the building approval process. Before any plans can be lodged with council, who are the permit authority, for a building approval they must first be assessed and certified by an accredited building surveyor.

Most building designers and architects work with a small selection of building surveyors. This provides better consistency and familiarity over a number of projects as each consultant understands the other better.

Building surveyors, as a statutory authority, assess the plans against the relevant building codes and state authority requirements once working drawings are completed.

Once they are satisfied with the documentation presented they issue a ‘Certificate of Likely Compliance’ which form part of all the documentation required when lodging plans with council.

Building surveyors are considered consultants when engaged as a pert of the ‘design team’ providing assistance when navigating the building act and building code of Australia.This consultant Building surveyor, however can not also act as the statutory authority for the same project. Another Building surveyor must be engaged to fulfill this role.

Building surveyors provide other services as well:

  • Assessing existing and illegal works (works carried out without approval) and providing council with a ‘Certificate of Substantial Compliance’.
  • Risk identification, assessment and reports.
  • Compliance and due-diligence reports for existing buildings.
  • Maintenance of Essential Services inspections, documentation, reports and plans.
  • Fire safety and insurance inspections and reports.
  • Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 compliance advice and assistance.
  • Dispute resolution; and Information and training for building industry practitioners.

Discuss your requirements with your chosen building surveyor.

Check your selected building surveyor’s accreditation here Building Practitioner Search

Required forms for designers, builders and owner builders.

Review listed Building Surveyors below

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Holdfast Pty Ltd

Contact Person/Consultant: Nigel Grice

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: 03 6231 5717 ·

Location: 38 Burnett Street Hobart

Category: Building Surveyors

Services Offered:

Service Area: North West Tasmania, Southern Tasmania

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Building Surveying Tasmania

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: Danilo Yali 0447527 292 · Rowena 6231 9070 ·

Location: 9 Warwick Street Hobart 7000

Service Area: Central Tasmania, North East Tasmania, North West Tasmania, Southern Tasmania, Statewide Tasmania

(Full company profile is not available for this business)
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Eagling’s Southern Building Surveying

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: Kim · 0400 208 037 ·

Location: 1 Patonga Street Kingston

Service Area: Southern Tasmania

(Full company profile is not available for this business)