Boundary Fences

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With almost every property, boundary fences either exist or are to be erected.

There are specific laws with boundary fences, in relation to adjoining owners obligations.

Both property owners are generally responsible for contributing to the cost of a fence and normally would agree on the type to be erected, thus sharing the cost.

If an agreement can’t be reached there are minimum obligations set within the Boundary Fences Act 1908.Boundary Fence 01

Tierney Law have prepared an easy to read document answering all the general questions in relation to Boundary Fences.

Boundary Fences



  1. andrea sharman says

    To whom it may concern
    i am currently looking at a property at 82 Atkinsons Rd Grindelwald that requires fences around the boundary can you please tell me if there are certain requirements for the area to what sort of fencing is aloud to be erected.
    thankyou Andrea

    • admin@everythingbuilding says

      Hi Andrea,
      This is a specific question for that area. My suggestion is you talk with your local council planning department. They will give you the information you require.

  2. I am very respect for your post because you have provided us some best knowledge about boundary fences. Thanks for sharing this.

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