Building in Tasmania with everythingbuilding.

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Building in Tasmania, or at least understanding the building process, has never been easier since the introduction of

This website provides information, resources and links to all associated with building, from the home renovator and owner builder through to the professional. A comprehensive website for everything building.    owner builder 4

 The three key functions of the site are;

1.INFORMATION – on what you need to do. – Building industry related topics and resources FREE for you to access and use.

2.EDUCATION – on how you go about it. – Gain knowledge from the information provided and enter your next building project better educated on what to expect as you move through the various stages.

3. CONNECTION – with those who can help you complete it. – The opportunity to connect with relevant CONSULTANTS to get your project off the ground, TRADES & SERVICE PROVIDERS for the construction, insurance and finance, look at specific PRODUCTS and SUPPLIERS, providing an opportunity for you to successfully complete your building project with as your core resource base.

 For the home renovator, owner builder and those wanting to contract build.

Learn about the design process, before you engage any professionals. Follow the Journey from Concept to Council Approval.

Find out if you need council approval here, Do I need council approval.

See what’s involved in being an owner builder. All the information you need here, How to become an owner builder.

Make the right choice when engaging a builder, The right builder for your project.

 For the professional.

Use the website as a recourse. Guide your clients and customers to the site allowing them to access all the information.

Use the site yourself on a daily basis. INDUSTRY SERVICES found on the home page list short cuts to the services you need for each project. More are added by demand. Your requests are welcome.


Finding your way around this website was designed to be simple. The main menu at the top links to all key areas of the site and the search filters help you find your project requirements and the people you need to speak to easily.

By placing ‘Key Words’ in the top right hand SEARCH tab such as “councils” everything within the site relating to councils will appear for you to select.


For all users of this site a comprehensive directory of businesses and services is continually expanding. Under your chosen category you will find an overview of the business and your contact person, be able to review their experience, the services they offer, the products they carry, their project history and more. When you find a service provider you like, simply fill in the contact form on their profile page and you will receive a call back to review your project requirements within 24 hours. Alternatively give them a call from the phone number listed and remember to tell them your using

If a particular category is unoccupied, simply ‘contact us’ and we’ll find someone for you, it’s that easy.


  1. seth collins says

    can you build a house anywhere on your block of land? as is could you build your house at the back of the block at the most far point from the road if there was a suitable site?

    • admin@everythingbuilding says

      Hi Seth,
      There are council ‘Planning Scheme’ guidelines outlining where you can (and where you can’t) build. If you want to build in a location outside the guidelines you can apply to council for a ‘variation’.
      Our best advice is for you to discuss your requirements with an accredited Building Designer or Architect.

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