Site Analysis Report

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Site Analysis Report

I have found a property I like. Now what?

Time and time again we have seen evidence of new property owners buying vacant land or an established property without fully considering if they have bought the one that suits them the best. Purchasers will sign on the dotted line quite often without having a full understanding of what they can do with the property in the future, or more importantly, WHAT THEY CAN’T DO.

This simple tool assists you to make a more educated judgement on the suitability of your next purchase. A bit of work needs to be done but generally it’s fairly straight forward. By filling in the fields you generate a much clearer picture of the property you are considering and ideally it will assist you in uncovering any hidden traps that may not be evident on the surface.

You can download and print off this template for FREE and use it as many times as you like.

If you think it’s a bit over your head or spare time is an issue contact one of our listed consultants and for a small fee, they can assist you in making that very important decision.

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