Bushfire Hazard

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Regional and country areas have always been associated with the threat of bushfire. It is becoming more and more common that fringe areas of some suburbs, even cities have been identified as bushfire prone areas.

What is a bushfire hazard report?

This report outlines the level of potential threat to your future building along with measures to take to prevent or at least minimise the threat of fire. The outlining fuel source (type and density of trees and undergrowth) is identified by an accredited assessor taking into account the present use of the site and the future or intended use.

Recommendations are made as to the treatment of the site which form part of your council application documentation. The report is then used by your architectural designer and specific building requirements are included in the design to combat or minimise any potential threat.

Should you wish, in the future, to alter your property your assessor can provide advice and guidance. All information is generally checked before final approval by council.

To see if your in a potential bushfire hazard risk area first consult with your local council then discuss your site with an accredited assessor.

Review listed Bushfire Hazard consultants below

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Lark & Creese

Contact Person/Consultant: Nick Creese

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: 03 6229 6563 ·

Location: Hobart

Category: Bush Fire Hazard, Environmental Management Consultant, Land Surveyors

Services Offered: Bush Fire Attack Level (BAL) Report, Commercial, Flora and Fauna Reports and Environmental management plans, Residential

Service Area: Southern Tasmania

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MRH Environment & Resource Planning

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: 0407 294 240 ·

Location: Hobart

Service Area: Statewide Tasmania

(Full company profile is not available for this business)
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Gifford bushfire risk assessment

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: 0407 664 617 ·

Location: Huonville

Service Area: Central Tasmania, Southern Tasmania

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