Boundary Fences

With almost every property, boundary fences either exist or are to be erected. There are specific laws with boundary fences, in relation to adjoining owners obligations. Both property owners are generally responsible for contributing to the cost of a fence and normally would agree on the type to be erected, thus sharing the cost. If […]

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pools occupy many back yards and are incorporated in many new home designs around Tasmania. From the blow up frameless temporary type, right through to the concrete formed and fibreglass/acrylic pre-formed pools, there are many shapes and sizes. Did you know that ANY pool deeper than 300mm requires, by law, to be securely fenced […]

The Journey from Concept to Council Approval

General step by step process So you want to build! Whether it’s a new building, addition or alteration, when building in Tasmania the process is generally the same. Much of the preliminary work can be done by yourself, however unless you have some experience when discussing with council and other authorities our advise is to […]

How to become an Owner Builder.

Many home owners, when considering building, like the idea and the satisfaction of being an Owner Builder. This, on the face of it, seems like an easy, rewarding and more cost effective alternative to engaging a contract builder. BE WARNED!!! It’s not that easy and not always more cost effective. Legislation within Tasmania allow for […]

Small Jobs, not all DIY.

It has always been alleged that plans for small building projects around the home such as a new deck, shed, garage or carport can be done almost by anyone, in particular the property owner. Changes to the Building Act in Tasmania has resulted in some small projects having less ‘Red Tape’ but still require the […]

Know your building costs.

We all know that every year building costs keep going up. More and more regulation requirements must be met at both the planning and building stages and material prices are always on the increase. When deciding to build, the cost allowance in most minds is generally a M2 price based on the size of the […]

Winter warmer for low income households.

Following on from our recent article titled ‘Winter tips to improving the comfort of your existing home’ we wish to promote this excellent initiative to assist low income households. The Tasmanian Government, with the assistance from SEMF, have a state-wide program to help reduce energy cost to low income households. This program is available to people on […]

Winter tips to improving the comfort of your existing home.

Not everyone has the luxury of upgrading old windows or doing a full renovation of their existing home. Winter soon reveals how comfortable your home is…..or not! With increasing energy costs, you soon realise how expensive your winter heating costs are. Here are a few, inexpensive tips to make your home more comfortable in the […]

The science behind your wastewater disposal.

There are many areas around Tasmania that are un-serviced (without council or water authority sewer and stormwater services). For these areas all your wastewater from your toilet, kitchen, bathroom and laundry must be disposed of within your property boundaries. It’s not generally a topic property owners get excited about but it is essential that the […]

8 Tips when selling real estate.

More often than not when the decision to sell has been reached, the first thing most people do is get straight onto a real estate agent to have the property listed. What some sellers fail to realise is there are potentially many items that need addressing prior to the ‘FOR SALE’ sign going up. For […]