Wastewater Design

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All properties that aren’t provided with council or water authority services need some means of disposing of their household liquid waste, from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilet. These are known as ‘un-serviced sites’ and may be suburban, urban or non-urban sites.

The waste disposal must be contained within the property boundaries and be of a capacity to function correctly.

Waste water disposal systems can be in varied forms, such as Septic Tank with soakage trenches, Aerated Wastewater Treatment System (AWTS) and composting systems. Determining the soil type is necessary when designing a suitable system, to measure how well the sub surface will absorb the treated liquid waste.

This is why a wastewater design is necessary.

Generally your wastewater designer is also your soil tester for the building footing design.

It is always advisable, for cost saving, to have both tests carried out within the same site visit. If your soil tester knows your site in un-serviced they generally will ask if you want both tests at the same time.

If your adding bedrooms to an existing house you will be required by council to have the existing system checked and calculations carried out to see if it is suitable or requires upgrading.

Talk to your Wastewater designer about your requirements.

(See products-wastewater treatment)

Review listed Wastewater Designers below

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GES Geo-Environmental Solutions

Contact Person/Consultant: John-Paul Cumming

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: 03 6223 1839 ·

Location: 86 Queen Street Sandy Bay

Category: Soil Testing, Waste Water Design

Services Offered:

Service Area: Central Tasmania, North East Tasmania, North West Tasmania, Southern Tasmania, Statewide Tasmania

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Rock Solid Geotechnics Pty Ltd

Contact Person/Consultant: Peter Hofto

Contact Person/Consultants Phone: 0417 960 769 ·

Location: Lewisham Tasmania

Category: Soil Testing, Waste Water Design

Services Offered: Soil Testing and Waste Water Design

Service Area: Southern Tasmania

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