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Ok, plans are approved and you may have already had some estimates for construction.

Have you selected a builder yet?

In a lot of cases, once plans are completed, the client will select a number of builders to provide a quote.

We have heard many stories over the years of how builder prices differ so much and the temptation is always to take the cheapest price.

Of course this has happened a lot and more often than not the project has not run to plan. The cheapest quote in some cases has turned into the most expensive completion price because item3omgxl11s were left or incorrect allowances made.

This never ends well because the builder is seen to be in the wrong and the client says it should have been included.

There have been cases in the past of projects not being completed, short cuts taken to save cost and people going broke through the process.

No doubt you’ve seen all this on your favourite current affair show.

No one wants this scenario so if you intend to seek a number of quotes from selected builders here are a few simple checks to ensure all builders are quoting the same and there is less chance of hidden surprises.

1                    Provide all the same documentation to your builders.

2                    Have a list of items you want included, which don’t appear on the plans.

3                    Internal and external finishes and materials listed.

4                    Pre select the type of fixtures and fittings throughout the house, including bathroom, toilet, laundry and of course kitchen.

5                    Pre select the type and finish of your kitchen.

6                    Have your electrical layout worked out and lighting selected.

7                    Should any one builder suggest a change or addition, make sure that is factored in with all the other quotes.

Your consulting Interior, Kitchen and Bathroom Designers can help you with most of the above items and there are a select few consultants to assist you with lighting and electrical design.

Price in the majority of cases is the main driver when choosing a builder, but it doesn’t have to be.

Generally speaking, with a few exceptions, licensed builders work off similar margins and purchase from similar suppliers. Therefore if the information provided is the same the prices should be similar as well.

It is our belief that the most successful projects are the ones where price is not the driver.

The relationship built between client and builder, before any mention of price, is far more important.

If trust and honesty exist between the two parties and the budget has been discussed the final price will work itself out.thumb.php

The above list is still important to ensure both parties understand each other and having all your homework done will only benefit the process.

A great relationship between builder and client will mean if the budget is getting stretched the builder will definitely assist in meeting the client’s needs ‘before’ the work has commenced.

By aligning yourself with a builder, even through the design stage, you can achieve a much better outcome because of that trusted relationship.

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