Building in Tasmania with everythingbuilding.

Building in Tasmania, or at least understanding the building process, has never been easier since the introduction of This website provides information, resources and links to all associated with building, from the home renovator and owner builder through to the professional. A comprehensive website for everything building.     The three key functions of the site […]

Winter warmer for low income households.

Following on from our recent article titled ‘Winter tips to improving the comfort of your existing home’ we wish to promote this excellent initiative to assist low income households. The Tasmanian Government, with the assistance from SEMF, have a state-wide program to help reduce energy cost to low income households. This program is available to people on […]

Winter tips to improving the comfort of your existing home.

Not everyone has the luxury of upgrading old windows or doing a full renovation of their existing home. Winter soon reveals how comfortable your home is…..or not! With increasing energy costs, you soon realise how expensive your winter heating costs are. Here are a few, inexpensive tips to make your home more comfortable in the […]