8 Tips when selling real estate.

More often than not when the decision to sell has been reached, the first thing most people do is get straight onto a real estate agent to have the property listed. What some sellers fail to realise is there are potentially many items that need addressing prior to the ‘FOR SALE’ sign going up. For […]

8 Tips when buying real estate.

Often repeated and is considered a fact; buying real estate is one of the biggest investments most of us ever make. But for a percentage, what should be one of the most satisfying and happiest of times can turn into a nightmare. By simply following the tips below you can greatly reduce your chances of […]

Plans and documentation.

Thanks to the building control board in Tasmania and the ‘Building Act 2000’ there are specific requirements for designer’s documentation for an application for a Certificate of Likely Compliance. This document can be seen here so you can have a clearer understanding of what is required as well as what to expect when your designer […]

Occupational Health and Safety and the Workplace / Building site.

Safety First It is not news to anyone that accidents occur everywhere. Every workplace and building site at some point has seen an accident occur, whether preventable or not. As every year passes sites and workplaces have become safer. Now, after years in the making and much refinement there are new laws dealing with Occupational […]

Asbestos in the home

It’s that time again, to catch up on the jobs around the house, that have been building all year. The DIY backyard clean-up, minor alteration, or preparation for that new building project, are all reasons for you to be busy around the home. Whatever the reason, before you start, do you know if your property […]