6 Effective Ways to Maintain the Indoor Air Quality During Renovations

One of the reasons people don’t take renovations lightly is the dust, noise, and people marching through their house. While they might like the prospects of a new home extension, they are often put off by the stressful change of their already tight routines. People with dust and mould allergies are the most affected, but […]

Building in Tasmania with everythingbuilding.

Building in Tasmania, or at least understanding the building process, has never been easier since the introduction of everythingbuilding.com.au. This website provides information, resources and links to all associated with building, from the home renovator and owner builder through to the professional. A comprehensive website for everything building.     The three key functions of the site […]

Asbestos in the home

It’s that time again, to catch up on the jobs around the house, that have been building all year. The DIY backyard clean-up, minor alteration, or preparation for that new building project, are all reasons for you to be busy around the home. Whatever the reason, before you start, do you know if your property […]